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Since 1978

From Pelham street in the heart of Lunenburg, Maplebird House has beautifully kept its 1826 architecture, with the grace of modern amenities and style. Entering the nearly 200-year-old home, you are struck with both the incredible history these beams hold, paired with the perfectly curated style of its keepers. From the bright and calming sitting room, through the sleek, updated kitchen, you come to the large deck. This breathtaking view spans the harbour of Lunenburg, unobstructed by immediate buildings. This sight that has seen schooners and trawlers ebbing and flooding for centuries. There are only four guest rooms in the Maplebird, two on the main level and two on the top floor where we host one of the famous Lunenburg Bumps ñ an architectural feature specific to our town. Maplebird House is a perfect, central getaway to relax and explore this timeless village.